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Content Management System - A Web-based system where administrating a web-site or service does not require a technical skills or access to the server file system. Most CMSs use Virtual File System which allows all needed administration functions made online with easy web-interface.

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Database - A structured mass storage of information. Resembles structures of the spreadsheets.

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HTML - Hypertext Markup Language. Descriptive language used for creating and visualing web-pages.

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MySQL - A Widely used database system.

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Thinkindot - A well known CMS specialized on online newspapers.

Software - A Computer program.

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Virtual Database - Database or databases stored inside of the bigger database. Virtual databases do not follow the structure of the parent database. Their structural and data information is stored inside different parent tables, where in normal database structure is not directly stored inside the database.

Virtual File System - Virtual File System or Virtual Filesystem is a system where files, their names and contents are stored inside of the database instead of directly in the storage media.

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Web Development - A Method of creating new technologies (software or hardware) or creating new content to the internet.

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