Catalyst is a Perl-based MVC-based (= Model-View-Controller) Perl-based web-development framework. It was inspired by such frameworks as Ruby on Rails, Spring and an older Perl framework called Maypole.

Catalyst is distributed using CPAN - the "Comprehensive Perl Archive Network", where many extensions and plug-ins for Catalyst are also made available.

Most of Catalyst is distributed under the perl5 licensing terms - Artistic and GPL, but individual plugins may differ.

As opposed to some web-development frameworks, and in the Perl "There's more than one way to do it" spirit, Catalyst offers a choice of models (DBIx::Class, RoseDB, Tangram, non-SQL models, etc.), and of views (Template Toolkit, HTML::Mason, HTML::Template, etc.) also allowing several of them to be used in one application.−

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