Content Management Systems

ZofCMS is a web framework and a templating system for small-to-medium scale web pages. It's written in Perl and distributed under the Perl Licensing terms.

The main design goal of ZofCMS is ease of deployment without learning thirty pages of material just to get started. ZofCMS uses HTML::Template as its templating engine which you can learn in five minutes, even if you haven't used it before. Overall, ZofCMS consist of "configuation file", "ZofCMS templates" and "HTML::Template templates". Configuration file and ZofCMS templates are nothing but files with Perl hashrefs. Code that is common to all ZofCMS templates or just the templates in certain "directories" can be stuffed into the configuration file to avoid repition.

ZofCMS also comes with zofcms_helper helper script with which you can create a skeleton for your site, or add modules and plugins into a local directory for upload to your server without the need to have to install any modules on the server.

Most of the functionality in ZofCMS is implemented in the form of the plugins. Some plugins like App::ZofCMS::Plugin::Tagged provide shortcuts which assist you in writing ZofCMS templates. Others, like App::ZofCMS::Plugin::QuickNote and App::ZofCMS::Plugin::Comments save you tons of programming time by allowing you to drop a "Contact form" and add visitor comments support on your site with just a few keystrokes, which are, in fact, just hashrefs and scalars.